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No. 5 Edition | October 2023

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Evaluation Copies Feature

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest platform feature - Evaluation Copies!

We understand how important it is for you to evaluate the suitability of books for your booklisting, and this feature aims to make that task easier and more efficient.

View the feature video below.

Key Benefits of the Evaluation copies feature:

  1. Seamless access to page proofs: You can now access page proofs of the latest editions well in advance. This allows you to preview the content, layout, and structure of the books, helping you make informed decisions for your school's curriculum.

  2. Australian Curriculum alignment: We've worked diligently to ensure that new editions aligned with the Australian Curriculum are available as soon as they publish. By utilising the Evaluation Copy feature, you can evaluate these new editions and assess their suitability for your student’s educational journey.

  3. User-friendly interface: The Evaluation Copy feature is integrated into the platform. Simply select from our curated booklists and easily view titles by dragging and dropping the titles you wish to view.

Accessing the Evaluation Copies feature can be done through your Box of Books account. Once logged in, you'll find a dedicated section where you can browse and click ‘Get This Book’ on the titles you wish to evaluate.

Then start reading and reviewing!

Student Wellbeing and Performance Titles

for Back to School 2024

Explore our new student wellbeing and performance titles for 2024. These are offered as optional student resources to supplement and support students’ with their studies, comprehension, life skills and wellbeing.

The optional booklists have been carefully curated by our team to best support students’ depending on their year level.

Optional Student Resources

Study Guides and Notes

The ideal companion to textbook resources and the perfect year-round study tool to guide students toward success. Available for NSW, VIC, QCE, and WACE.

Includes a wide selection from:

Contact your Box of Books engagement manager to view a digital evaluation copy.

Booklist Key Dates

A reminder to stay up to date with the key date deadlines for your Back to School 2024 booklists. The accurate and timely completion of booklists is crucial for Box of Books to deliver the best possible Back to School experience for your school and your parents.

Summary of upcoming BTS 2024 booklist key dates are as follows. Please read the full help articles below for more details.

20 October 2023 - Review deadline for Parent Purchase Booklists.

27 October 2023 - Booklist Approvals.

8 December 2023 - Physical Order Cut-Off.

10 November 2023 - The review completed date for School Purchase Booklists.

17 November 2023 - Booklist Approvals.

Book Coverings:

Communications have been sent to relevant schools about our new partner for book covering, labelling, and barcoding services, if your school would like to purchase any physical texts with book covering/processing, the deadline for orders is 27 October. Please let us know the print text titles and quantities required by 20 October if covering/processing is required.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions regarding key dates or book coverings.

Box of Books in the Wild

Over the last few weeks, the Box of Books team has attended conferences and events all over Australia. It's always a pleasure to connect with school leaders in person and showcase the future of classroom resourcing.

Check out the team's activity at recent events.

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