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Parent Purchase Booklisting Process
Parent Purchase Booklisting Process

An overview of each step of the parent purchase booklisting process

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This guide outlines the steps involved in the parent purchase booklist process, where parents/guardians purchase resources for students through the BoB shop.

BoB - Preparation

BoB initiates the process by drafting the booklist based on the school's text selections and student estimates from the previous year.

School - Review

The booklist is made available to the key booklisting contact at the school (the "Booklist Owner") and nominated teachers/faculty leaders ("Booklist Reviewers") on the BoB Portal.

The Booklist Owner and Reviewers update the booklist for the new academic year, focusing on:

  1. confirming text selections for each subject, and

  2. updating student estimates

If no changes are required, simply click the green tick next to each subject heading to indicate that the booklisted resources are correct for that subject.

Any amendments can be communicated via adding flags to the booklist for the BoB team to action accordingly.

Alternatively, teachers can also edit the booklist directly if preferred - click here for a detailed guide on using the booklisting tool for self service.

Once all subjects have been updated and ticked off, submit the booklists to BoB for QA.

BoB - QA

Quality assurance checks are conducted by the BoB team to ensure there are no inconsistencies or supply issues with the booklisted texts. The Booklist Owner is promptly informed if any issues arise during the QA process.

School - Final Approval

Once the quality assurance checks are complete, the final draft is sent back to the Booklist Owner to confirm that no futher changes are required. Upon the Booklist Owner’s approval, the booklist is made available on the online shop, and the school notifies parents/guardians that the booklist is ready for purchasing.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out via [email protected] or the in-app support button. Our team is here to support you and make the booklisting process as smooth as possible.

Key Dates for 2024

The accurate and timely completion of booklists is crucial for BoB to deliver the best possible Back to School experience for the school. Please find attached the key dates for the academic year commencing in Term 4 2023 and Back to School 2024.

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