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No. 3 Edition | June 2023

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Key Dates for 2024

The Box of Books Booklisting Process and Key Dates for 2024 have been released.

The accurate and timely completion of booklists is crucial for BoB to deliver the best possible Back to School experience for the school. Please read the help articles below and find attached the key dates for the academic year commencing in Term 4 2023 and Back to School 2024.

5th June - Parent Purchase Booklists are open now!

This guide outlines the steps involved in the parent purchase booklist process, where parents/guardians purchase resources for students through the BoB shop.

16th June - School Purchase Booklists are open now!

This guide outlines the steps involved in the school purchase booklist process, where the school purchases resources for students through a bulk order.

Improvements to Booklisting

We are pleased to advise that we will be making some improvements to our booklist tool, process and support features, that will make it even easier for school stakeholders to manage the process of text selection and approval.

Some of these changes include:

  • User interface improvements to make booklisting easier

  • Automatic workflow, notifications, and reminders

  • Automatic access to frontlist content

  • Additional tools and resources including dashboards for tracking and monitoring progress

  • Clearer communication around all aspects of key dates and key milestones

We look forward to sharing more information about these exciting changes and many more over the coming months.

For all your booklisting needs, please feel free to contact your booklist manager at [email protected] at any time if you have any questions.

Australian Curriculum V.9

The new Australian curriculum (V.9) is coming. Let us help you prepare for it.

How can we help?

Box of Books will continue to work closely with publishers to ensure we have access to and knowledge of the latest content and are ready to provide your school with a range of new materials that meet the new curriculum requirements.

We recently published a help article series highlighting the new Australian curriculum V.9 changes. Here you can keep up to date on what you need to know about changes to your local titles and examine the publisher's new edition marketing and proof pages.

You can read the state-specific articles here:

How is this going to affect you?

Each of the states are taking different approaches and timelines for the implementation of Australian Curriculum Version 9.0 (detailed in the articles above).

Content publishers and education resource providers have been working hard to ensure their materials will be ready for teachers when they need them. Schools are starting to review their teaching programs and resources to ensure they meet the requirements of the updated curriculum. Are your current textbooks and resources sufficient or will you need to create or find new resources and supplementary materials?

Evaluation Copies - 30 days free in your Book Box

As soon as the digital versions of new textbooks are available we will be able to offer free digital evaluation copies direct to your Book Box.

Content Frontlist

Explore our content frontlist and start to consider adding optional titles to your students' booklist.

Keep an eye out as the 2024 Back to School frontlist catalogues will be available soon!

Here is a sneak peek showcasing some of the most recent acquisitions to Box of Books.

Optional Student Resources

Box of Books offers a great range of optional student well-being and performance texts. The perfect supplement and support for students' studies.

Gareth Hinds

Box of Books now offers a fantastic collection from Gareth Hinds, the creator of critically-acclaimed graphic novels based on literary classics.

The most popular illustrated titles that can supplement students' study include prose from Shakespeare, Homer, Beowulf, and more. Support students with a new and fun approach to learning classical texts.

Contact your Box of Books engagement manager to view a digital evaluation copy.

Box of Books in the Wild

Over the last few months, the Box of Books team has attended conferences and events all over Australia. It's always a pleasure to connect with school leaders in person and showcase the future of classroom resourcing.

Check out the team's activity at recent events.

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