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Missing Notes or Annotations in a Textbook
Missing Notes or Annotations in a Textbook

Bring back notes/annotations that have disappeared

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If you are experiencing an issue where your notes have disappeared or have stopped saving, there are a few ways you can try to bring them back or reset them. Unfortunately, the notes taken in the session where they first disappeared are unlikely to come back. However, you should be able to recover any notes created in past sessions.

Method one:

Clear your browser’s cache, and then restart your computer. Depending on your browser the instructions for this will be different, so we recommend searching “how to clear cache in [browser name]” if you are unsure how to do so.

Method two:

Annotations will often reappear if you log in to your Box of Books account and access the textbook using an alternate browser. This is the easiest way to regain your notes. Although Box of Books recommends using Chrome, you should be able to access our website with most other browsers.

Method three:

If your notes continue to disappear even while using a different browser, you can also use the following steps to reset your annotations back in Chrome:

  1. Open the affected textbook in Chrome.

  2. Right click the page and select 'Inspect'. This will open the developer tool overlay.

  3. In the top ribbon of the developer tool, select the 'Application' tab. If the Application tab does not appear in the ribbon, you may need to use the double arrow button to select from the hidden menu items.

  4. Select the 'IndexedDB' option in the left panel, underneath the 'Storage' heading. Click on the arrow next to it to display the drop-down menu.

  5. Select 'annotations - [school BoB portal url]'.

  6. Click the 'Delete database' button.

  7. Refresh your page.

Please see the screenshots above for reference. If you need further guidance, please reach out to us, or bring your device and the above instructions to your school's IT department to assist you.

If following these instructions does not bring back your notes and annotations, please send us an in-app message and we’ll be happy to help you out! 😀

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