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No. 2 Edition | April 2023

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Get ready for changes to the Australian Curriculum

The new Australian Curriculum (V.9) is coming. Let us help you prepare for it.

Since 2008, ACARA and state curriculum authorities have worked to design a national curriculum that reflects the educational needs of all Australian students. The new Australian Curriculum (Version 9) is rolling out in years 7-10. It is time to work out how these critical changes will impact your textbooks, resources and content for curriculum planning.

So what changes are being made?

With a significant amount of changes to the Australian Curriculum in place, teachers need to understand the implications for their subjects, to review and update their teaching programs to ensure they meet the requirements of the updated curriculum. The changes will, in turn, affect the resources that are available for teachers and are developed by content publishers and providers.

How is this going to affect you?

Each of the states and the different sectors within the states are taking different approaches and timelines for the implementation of the changes to the Australian Curriculum.

How can we help?

Box of Books has been closely monitoring the new V.9 curriculum and will continue to work with the publishers to ensure that we have access to and knowledge of the latest content and are ready to provide your school with a range of new materials that meet the new curriculum requirements.

You should expect to receive updates from our team when evaluation copies are available.

Did you know you can evaluate texts for 30 days?

Are you looking to expand your student's Box of Books catalogue or want to explore new content? (existing or new curriculum titles).

If you're curious about exploring new content, publishers, digital services and physical suppliers look no further.

How do I request an evaluation copy?

Simply send us the ISBN or title of the book you wish to review via the In-App support and we'll add the book to your account.

Accessing In-App Support?

In-App support is available at the bottom right corner of your browser window while logged into your BoB School Portal (or on this help page).

Need specific content?

Contact us to discuss what you use and will aim to provide.

How to add Rich Notes

We want all our users to get the most out of the BoB Online Reader and utilise all its fantastic features.

The rich notes feature allows for a myriad of functions to elevate the student’s note-taking experience. This guide will show you how to utilise rich notes to the greatest extent.

There are three types of rich notes:

  • Publisher notes – these allow publishers to embed supplementary material directly into online books. These notes are only present on certain books and as provided by the publisher.

  • School notes – these allow teaching staff to collaborate on enhancing students’ experiences of the books.

  • Personal notes – for individuals to save their own notes and bookmark pages and these are able to be exported and printed.

Read the full article here

Improvements to Booklisting

Having completed another successful back-to-school period we are now working hard to ensure that we are continuing to improve our systems and processes to achieve even better outcomes in 2023.

We are pleased to advise that we will be making some improvements to our booklist tool, process and support features that will make it even easier for school stakeholders to manage the process of text selection and approval.

Some of these changes include:

  • User interface improvements to make booklisting easier

  • Automatic workflow, notifications, and reminders

  • Automatic access to frontlist content

  • Additional tools and resources including dashboards for tracking and monitoring progress

  • Clearer communication around all aspects of key dates and key milestones

We look forward to sharing more information about these exciting changes and many more over the coming months.

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