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Rich Notes Guide

The rich notes feature allows for a myriad of functions to elevate the student’s note-taking experience. This guide will show you how to utilise rich notes to the greatest extent.

There are three types of rich notes:

  • Publisher notes – these allow publishers to embed supplementary material directly into online books. These notes are only present on certain books at this early stage of the feature release.

  • School notes – these allow teaching staff to collaborate on enhancing students’ experiences of online books.

  • Personal notes – for individuals to save their own notes and bookmark pages.

To Add Notes

  1. Open up a book within the Box of Books online reader.

  2. Click on Notes at the top of the reader.

  3. Select the text content you want to make a note for.

  4. Click on the speech bubble icon "Add note". This should open your notes tab on the right side of the reader.

  5. Enter your notes into the Add note field under your notes tab.

  6. Press Save once completed.

Sticky Notes

Alternatively, you can use sticky notes to add notes anywhere you like on your text by clicking on the "Sticky note" icon.

Freehand Notes

You can also use the 🖊️ "Free hand" function to draw anywhere on your text.

To Access Notes

To access your notes, click on the speech bubble icon "Notes". This will open up your notes tab, where you can see all your highlighted content, sticky notes and free hand notes. Here, you will also be able to add, edit or delete any notes.

Click on Filter to easily find the type of note you are looking for, such as personal, publisher or school notes.

You can also sort your notes based on a variety of options, such as date, author, type and highlight colour.

To Edit Notes

To edit your notes, click on the note you want to edit, then click on the pencil icon "Edit". Then, click Save.

To Delete Notes

To delete your notes, click on the trashcan icon "Delete", then click Delete again to permanently delete the note.

You can also delete notes using the Eraser, by dragging the eraser over the notes (free hand, sticky notes or highlighted) on your text.

Extra Features: Changing the colour of your highlight

You can change the colour of your highlight by clicking on the palette icon "Style". This will bring up a variety of options, such as changing the colour, opacity and even creating your own custom colour.

You can also change the four default highlight colours at the top of your reader by clicking on the drop down arrow. This will let you access your favourite colours at any time.

Extra Features: Embedding links

Copy and paste the URL into the Add note field, then click Save. If successfully embedded, this will add a thumbnail of the page into your note.

You can also embed YouTube videos. To do this, copy and paste the YouTube video URL into the Add note field.

School notes (for teachers)

School notes can be used by teachers to share their notes with all users who view the book in their school. This can allow for collaboration with students to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom.

To turn a Personal Note into a School Note, teachers can tick the School Note option. School notes are indicated by the cap icon at the top.

Teachers can share notes in their LMS by linking students to a specific rich note in the textbook.

Please note that annotations and rich notes you created on the Classic Online Reader will be automatically migrated and made available in the NextGen readers. However, rich notes created in the NextGen readers will not be ported back to the Classic Online Reader.

The Classic Online reader will be available until the end of 2022 to assist with the migration to the new NextGen eReader platform. If you or your school need any assistance with the move, please don't hesitate to reach out to the BoB team.

Happy reading!

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