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Troubleshooting "Blank" NextGen Reader
Troubleshooting "Blank" NextGen Reader

Whitelisting requirements for the NextGen Readers are slightly different

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We have received a few reports of "blank" NextGen readers when utilised within certain school networks. That is, the reader opens to a blank screen within the school network but works as expected outside the school network.

This issue can look something like this:

We believe this is either a whitelisting issue or a security setting within the networks setup. In order to help identify exactly what is going on, the following metadata would be very helpful.

Browser Debug Output

You will need access to the Google Chrome web browser. Open up any book with the NextGen online reader and activate "Developer Tools".

We need to see the debugging output from the "Console". Select console, and then reload the page to generate console output. You can right mouse click on the console output and select "Save as..." to capture the whole console log:

Then we need to double check the Network traffic to make sure nothing is getting blocked at this point. Select the network tab and reload the page to generate output:

Now right mouse click on the list of requests and export the HAR file (essentially a log of the network activity generated by the book request):

And send all that gumph through to your contact at Box of Books.

Your help getting to the bottom of this conundrum is most appreciated!

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