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Booklist - A Quick Reference Guide: For Reviewers
Booklist - A Quick Reference Guide: For Reviewers

A quick reference guide outlining the steps required to review and approve each booklist section

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As a Booklist Reviewer you can review draft booklists online when logged in to BoB, under the Booklists feature in the left-hand menu.

Please review the items booklisted for each subject you are responsible for:

  • If there are no updates required for a subject, you can indicate the booklisted items are approved by ticking the box on the right-hand side of the subject heading.

  • If you wish to add, remove or change texts, please raise this in a flag for the BoB team to action

  • You may see a flag from the BoB team, for example if a new edition is forthcoming or if a text is now out of print. Please respond in the flag to let us know if you would like to continue to the new edition, or would like to evaluate other available titles. The BoB team will action your text updates in the booklist.

Please approve each subject once flagged items are resolved. Booklist Owners and Reviewers can then review the progress of subject approvals in the Review Summary.


  1. What to do if you don't have access to the booklist Accessing the Booklist

  2. Editing the Booklist Editing the Booklist

  3. Navigating to your subject section Menu Bar

  4. Flagging Changes Flags

  5. Acknowledge/accepting Flags created by BoB Flags

  6. Approving your section Check & Review - For Reviewers

For a more in-depth detailed guide, please view our How-to-Booklist Guide.

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