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A step by step guide on how to Booklist

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This How-to-Booklist Guide will give you a detailed view of the Booklist process. For an overall view of this process, check out our Booklist Workflow overview.

The Booklist feature enables you to review and make any required changes to existing booklists for your school. Booklists can include digital and physical textbooks, digital subscriptions and stationery resources.

Accessing the Booklist

The Booklist menu is located in the bar menu of your school Book Box. This feature is enabled for school staff who are involved in booklist review and approval, as advised to the BoB team.

Alternatively, a Booklist can be shared with any teaching staff via the Share button within each Booklist.

  1. Click 'Share' - a pop-up window will appear

  2. Click 'Copy Link' - to share via an email or other forms of communication


There are two levels of permissions within the Booklist feature: Owner & Reviewer(s).

Owner(s) - This role is typically with the person coordinating the Booklists within the school. An Owner can -

  • create new sections for different subjects

  • delete books

  • close flags

  • invite staff and faculty members to review booklists (i.e a HOD inviting a teacher)

  • approve booklists

  • do everything a Reviewer can do

Note: It is possible to have more than one Owner.

Reviewers - This can be any faculty leaders or staff members invited to participate in the process. A Reviewer can:

  • Add books

  • Add notes

  • Enter enrolment numbers

  • Create flags

  • Check & Review

Note: Any person who views a Booklist will automatically be noted as a Reviewer.

Editing the Booklist

Each Booklist is locked so that only one person can update it at a time; this prevents others from overwriting changes you are currently making.

  1. Click 'Edit Booklist' to get started

  2. Click 'Check Out' to lock the Booklist to you

Note: If the Booklist is already locked to someone else, a pop-up will appear as so -

It is possible to 'Force Unlock' - be careful here! You may force someone out who is currently making changes.

Tip: Click 'Save & Continue' along the way to save the changes made.

Once you have made all the required changes, click 'Release Booklist' to unlock the Booklist from your access, and it will then be available for the next person to takeover and make their changes.

Populating the Booklist

1. Creating New Subject Sections

If you need to add a new subject section:

  1. Click 'Create Subject' - this will create a new section at the bottom of the list

  2. Click 'Edit Subject Name' - enter the new subject name

  3. Click the green tick to confirm

To add a new subject section in between existing subjects:

  1. Click the ellipsis on the top-left of an existing section - a pop-up window will appear

  2. Click 'Insert a new subject above' - this will create a new section in between existing subjects

  3. Click 'Edit Subject Name' - enter the new subject name

  4. Click the green tick to confirm

2. Adding Books

To add a book:

  1. Click 'Add Book' - a pop-up window will appear (access to the BoB Catalogue)

  2. In the pop-up window, search for the required title

Tip: In search tab enter: ISBN, Book Title or Keyword. Use the filter to narrow down by Publisher.

Note: 'Distribution' in the filter field specifies the format of the textbook: 'Digital & Print' - textbook with the interactive; 'Digital Only' - digital resource via Book Box & interactive, etc.

Can't find the title you are after?

Reach out to our Customer Success Team through the In-App Support function and we will be happy to help out.

3. Removing Books

To remove a Subject section or a textbook no longer required, click the rubbish bin icon to remove.

Tip: Click 'Undo' if an error is made and needs to be reversed

4. Entering Enrolment Numbers

BoB requires an estimate of enrolment numbers by subject. To do this:

  1. Click 'Estimate Needed'

  2. Enter estimate of students taking up the subject

5. Elective Subjects

This is applicable only to Parent Purchase School model.

All selected textbooks will automatically be checked as an Elective (as shown below).

This will ensure that the title is an optional purchase for the parent in the BoB Shop. If the title or subject is not mandatory for ALL students, it should be checked as 'Elective'.

Any title that has not been checked as an ‘Elective’ will automatically be added to the shopping cart.

6. Adding Notes

Notes can be created specifically for parents. These notes will appear on the price list and in the BoB Shop. To do this:

  1. Click 'Add Notes' - a Notes box will appear at the bottom of the subject box

  2. Enter the note information

  3. Click the green tick icon to accept the note

  4. Tip: Click, hold & drag the double lines to place the note above the textbooks intended for (this is our recommendation, makes for a tidy look)

7. Flags

7a. Adding a flag

Booklist Owners and Reviewers can now add a flag to leave a message for the BoB team; the flag will show as orange. Owners and Reviewers can flag a book they wish to remove or change, & the booklist update with be actioned by the BoB team. To do this:

  1. Click on the Flag Book icon next to the text that needs to be raised

  2. Add in your comment, e.g. text is no longer required

  3. Click the “Add Flag” button

7b. Acknowledge/accepting Flags created by BoB

A flag raised by the BoB team, will show as red. In this instance, we will require a response by a Booklist Owner or Reviewer, with any booklists updates required actioned by the BoB team.

To close a flag, you do this:

Note: Reviewers can only create/comment on a flag and an Owner can confirm/acknowledge flags.

  1. Click on the ‘’Close flag’’ button (tick box).

8. Menu Bar

The menu Bar for each subject in the booklist will appear at the top of the booklist. Clicking on the anchor will take you directly to that specific subject within the booklist without the need to scroll.

The menu bar can also show flags. This allows you to see which subjects may require attention.

9. Re-ordering Subject Sections, Textbooks, Notes

Subject Sections, Textbooks, Notes can be re-ordered to suit your preference. To do this:

  1. Click, hold & drag the double lines to place accordingly

10. Check & Review - For Reviewers

Reviewers are typically Heads of Faculty, their access to the Booklist can be as simple as checking and reviewing, with no need to "Check Out" the booklist for editing.

If a Reviewer does not require any changes to their subject section:

  1. Click the tick box next to the relevant subject

  2. The box will turn green and their avatar will appear - this is an indication to the Owner that no changes are required from the Reviewer for this section

11. Review Summary

To review all approvals and flags click the "Review Summary" button

Under "Approvals" you will see all subjects along with the name of the Reviewer who has marked the subject as approved.

If a subject has been flagged, you can select the flag button on that subject and it will take you directly to the flags section below

Under "Flags" you will find a list of all existing flags to be actioned.

Change status - Owner(s) Only

There are 4 phases to the Booklist Process.

  1. Editing by both the School & the BoB team

  2. Review with BoB team

  3. Final Check with the School

  4. Approved by the School

Note: A booklist status can be changed regardless of whether all subject sections have been approved.

Phase 1: Editing by both the School & the BoB team

Once all edits and changes have been made, you will need to send this to our BoB team for review. To do this:

  1. Click 'Change Status' - opens dropdown menu

  2. Click 'Send for Review' - BoB team will take over and do a check of selected items

Phase 2: Review with BoB team

Once the BoB team have reviewed the selected items in your Booklist. Our team will send it back to you for a Final Check.

Note: The Booklist will appear as so, and no further changes can be made. If there are changes, you will need to raise with the BoB team

Phase 3: Final Check with the School

Any final changes required to the Booklist, should be done in this phase. You will need to notify the BoB team to make changes and the Booklist will show in Preview mode only.

Phase 4: Approved by the School

If no further changes are required, you will need to approve the Booklist. To do this:

  1. Click 'Change Status'

  2. Click 'Approve'

Once the booklist is approved, it will go live to parents and students in our BoB Shop Site. This is only applicable for a Parent Purchase School model.

For a School Purchase School model, a pricing proposal will then be sent to our by our BoB team, followed by an invoice.

Previewing the Booklist (for Parent Purchase Schools)

To view the Booklist from a parent/caregiver perspective -

  1. Click 'Preview' - drop down menu will appear

  2. Click 'Preview Parent Purchase' - a new window tab will open

Feel free to check out the How-to-Purchase-Books Guide, to get the step-by-step guide on the process.

Have any further questions?

Simply reach out to our friendly customer support officers through the in-app support function or at [email protected]

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