Order books for your child in a few simple steps!

This video will guide you through the purchasing process.

Logging in

  1. Navigate to the Box of Books shop.

  2. Create an account by entering your mobile number or your email address.

  3. A code will be sent to your mobile/email. Please enter the code to sign in.

Adding a Student

Select 'Add a Student to Account' , and add your child's school email address. If this is unknown at the time of purchase, simply click the 'Not Sure' button.

If you wish to add another student, you can click 'Add a student' again, which will take you through the same steps.

Buying Books

Generally, there are three options:

  • Digital on BoB & Physical: A physical copy of the book that comes with a complimentary digital copy in your child's Box of Books account.

  • Digital on BoB: A digital copy of the book which will be accessed in your child's Box of Books account.

  • Already own it: Item will not be included in your order.

  1. Click 'Buy Books' to get started.

  2. For each student, select from the list which booklist you wish to purchase from.

  3. Select in the drop-down menu next to the books you require which textbook format you would like to purchase.

  4. Press 'Continue' to confirm your order.

Billing & Shipping Details

Please enter your Billing details as prompted, and ensure you enter your email address and billing address correctly. Review your Shipping details in the section underneath.

Once you select 'Continue', you will be able to review your order. Enter your payment information and click 'Submit Payment' to confirm your purchase.

Accessing Digital Books

Congratulations! Your order has now gone through. How can your child access their resources? If you have purchased a digital textbook, they can access this immediately by visiting their school portal and logging in with their school credentials.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Box of Books team through our in-app support function (located at the bottom right of the screen).

Forgot a textbook??

If you have completed an order and realised you have missed a book. You will have to place another order. Unfortunately our ordering system does not allow us to alter the order once payment has been made.

You can place a new order via our shop at https://shop.boxofbooks.io/.

On the Family Members page, please scroll down past recent orders and click "Buy Books" under your child's name.

We can offer a refund your original order if you order has not yet been shipped to give you the option to correctly order all the textbooks required.

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