Most Jacaranda textbooks will contain exercises/questions for students to complete after every topic or chapter. There are two types of exercises/questions: Textbook and LearnON.

Textbook Questions

Textbook questions are located in the textbook at the end of each topic/subtopic. They are available to students and teachers. However, answers to these textbook questions are only available to teachers.

LearnON Questions

LearnON Questions are not located in the textbook. Instead, you would access these in Jacaranda Plus. Within LearnON, you can attempt questions and receive immediate feedback with sample answers.

How to access LearnON Questions:

  1. Click on the 'explore resources' link in Box of Books - this will automatically log you into your Jacaranda Plus account. (Otherwise, please message us about this via in-app support)

  2. Click on the textbook you want to open.

  3. Select 'Open in Learn On'.

  4. From here, you will be able to choose the topic/subtopic from Course Content. Within that you will be able to complete questions – with instant answers! The correct answer and solution is only available after you have submitted your answer. You can also reset the exercise and re-attempt it. 

For more detailed information on LearnON and Jacaranda Plus head over to or contact Jacaranda using their webform.

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