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Access Publisher Interactives

Accessing publisher interactive content with your digital texts.

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Many publishers provide additional resources for their texts such as interactive content (e.g. CambridgeGo, Cambridge HOTMaths and NelsonNet). Very often if you purchase a book from a publisher you are entitled to these online resources. However, it can be a hassle trying to remember where these resources are stored, and what your login was to get access to them.

Box of Books can keep track of all these additional resources and provides a convenient one-stop-shop for storing your login and access details. Box of Books provides these interactive publisher content as a simple single click-through from within your school portal.


(For Jacaranda Plus, Oxford Digital, To Know Worship and Love)
For some publishers platforms, we are able to log you in directly. In this case, a passthrough login link will be present on the page of the eBook. Clicking through will log you in directly to the publisher’s interactive content.


(For Pearson Places, Cambridge Go)

In some cases, where we can't log you in directly to the external service, we will provide your login details below the 'Explore Resources' link. 

Click on the 'click to copy password' text to copy your password, or click on the 'view' icon to reveal your password. Click on the 'Explore Resources' link (in the orange box) to open up the Publisher's website, then enter your username and password to login.

Note for Pearson Places:

If your account is recognised, you should be prompted to enter your password. If your account is not recognised, it will ask you to enter your school. This might mean that your account hasn't been set up properly. In this case, please contact us!


If the interactive passthrough link or your login details are not working, just let us know and we'll sort that out. Send us an in-app message!

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