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Please refer to the below frequently asked questions for troubleshooting any issues with accessing your IBID Press resource through BoB.

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  • How long does it take for my order to be fulfilled

    The Digital text will be available once you set up your account with Box of Books. The instruction email will be sent within 24-36 hours of purchasing the resource.

  • Where can I find instructions on setting up my Box of Books account?

    Once your digital text has been fulfilled, you will receive an email from BoB with a step by step guide on setting up your account. If you have not received this, please be sure to check your spam folder as the email may have ended up there.

  • I have followed the steps in the welcome email however still can't see my purchased resource?

    If you have followed the steps but are still unable to see your IBID text, please first check that you have set up using your account using the same email address that was provided to IBID Press when you completed your order. The resource will only go to the email address that was provided.

    If you can confirm that the above is correct but are still unable to see the resource, please log out of your BoB account, clear the cache on your device see instructions for how to do this on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. And then log back in again. This should refresh your account.

    If there is still an error following this, please reach out to Box of Books directly at [email protected]

  • I provided an email address with my order, but have decided I would like to use a different email address to create my Box of Books account and access my resource instead?

    Please follow the steps in the welcome email to create your BoB account using your desired email address. Then reach out to us directly at [email protected] and provide the email address provided with the order, as well as the new/desired email address, and we will merge the account and resource across for you.

  • How long is the licence period for this IBID text?

    Access to the digital text is 24months from date of purchase. For access after this time, please contact IBID press directly, as you will need to order the text again.

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