How to deep link and embed ebooks into Microsoft Teams:

1. Select the book you wish to link to and click “Read Book Online”

2. Locate the page you wish to share.

3. Click on the chain (link) icon on the top right corner to obtain a unique link. The link can be copied and shared with others to link directly to the page.

4. Open Microsoft Teams and paste the link into a post or new conversation.

5. The link will take you directly to the page in the eBook.

How to add Box of Books as a Tab in Microsoft Teams.

1. Click on the + to add a Tab.

2. Then click Website.

3. Enter the Tab name, for example Box of Books, and your Box of Books school URL as the URL.

4. Click Save and Box of Books will be there as a Tab.

Alternatively, you can also add a specific eBook into Microsoft Teams as a Tab. Use the process above but copy and paste the link from within the eBook.

Happy days.

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