SEQTA: Deep Link and Embed eBooks

How to deep link and embed books into SEQTA LMS.

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How to deep link and embed ebooks into SEQTA:

1. Select the book you wish to link to and click Read Book Online

2. Locate the page you wish to share.

3. Click on the chain (link) icon on the top right corner to obtain a unique link. The link can be copied and shared with others to link directly to the page.

4. Open SEQTA and open Programme.

5. Open Online Lesson Editor, and choose your topic. Then you can paste your copied Box of Books URL into the External Web Content feature.

6. Or you can paste the copied Box of Books URL into Text feature.

7. You can also insert Box of Books URLs into the Cover Page or Planner options.

8. Box of Books can also be added as a Resource in the Planner section. Which shows Box of Books as a Resource for students.

Lots of different options to deep link Box of Books into SEQTA.

Happy days.

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