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Falling Back to the Classic Online Reader
Falling Back to the Classic Online Reader

The Classic Online Reader will be available for all of 2022 to assist in your migration to the latest NextGen readers

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Change can be annoying! If you encounter an issue or just don't feel comfortable yet with some aspect of the new NextGen ereaders, you can always fallback to our Classic Online reader if you need to.

The Classic Online reader button sits next to the NextGen button on all book detail pages for books that were originally provided under the old reader version.

Please note, annotations and rich notes you created on the Classic Online Reader will be automatically migrated and made available in the NextGen readers. However, rich notes created in the NextGen readers will not be ported back to the Classic Online Reader.

The Classic Online reader will be available until the end of 2022 to assist with the migration to the new NextGen ereader platform. If you or your school need any assistance with the move please don't hesitate to reach out to the BOB team.

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