Dear teachers and students,

Thank you for choosing to order and use our Mintjens Press resources.  You will find the ordering process quite intuitive but these notes will certainly help you navigate the process when you access it for the first time.  Please follow the instructions in this document precisely and the resources will be delivered instantly and seamlessly.

The process described here is for using the Box of Books (BoB) Shop to order Mintjens Press titles and when paying by credit card.    


  • If you would like to order resources for a large number of different End-users, and/or
    if you would like to pay by bank transfer,
    then please request our order form with alternative instructions from [email protected] but this order form process can take 2-weeks or more whilst the 6-step process described below provides access to the resources instantly.


There are 6 steps to order Mintjens Press resources and have them instantly delivered to your devices :


  1. Create a BoB Account

  2. Login to BoB Shop

  3. Add End-user Details

  4. Add Resources to every End-user

  5. Complete Checkout

  6. Send email to End-users to invite them to the BoB Platform and receive their resources


 When preparing to place an order, it is a good idea to first collect the names and the email addresses of all the End-users (teachers and students) for whom you will place the order. You will need to enter these details during the ordering process.

 Please read on …


1. Create a BoB Account

If you already have a BoB account or if you are purchasing resources for other End-users but not for yourself then please proceed straight to Step 2 below ("Login to BoB Shop")
However, if you are one of the End-users that you are purchasing for and you don't already have a BoB account then create this first, as follows:

1.1 Open the page:
1.2 Enter your own email address in the field which says "School Email Address" and click on "Create Your Account"

1.3 Enter your first name, last name and make up a password for use with your BoB account

1.4 When you see your Book Box then you have successfully created a BoB Account:

1.5 Close this webpage.

2. Login to BoB Shop

2.1. Open the page: 

22. Enter your email address 

2.3. Click "Send magic link" button :

2.4. An email has now been sent to your email address.  Go to your email account and you should find an email message similar to the following :

2.5. Click on the "Login to the Shop" button in your email.  This will open a new tab in your default web browser.

2.6. Enter your First Name and Last Name and your mobile phone number (using the drop-down flag menu to indicate in which country your mobile phone number is based) and then click the "Continue" button :

3. Add End-user Details

3.1. Click "Add a Student to Account".  Please note that it doesn't matter whether you are adding details for students or teachers or others at this point.  If the resources are for yourself then you will be adding your own details (again) here.

3.2. Add the End-user's email address that they will be using to access the BoB platform in the field that says: "Student's school email", then click the "Search" button.  In most cases after you click "Search" you will receive a "I could not find that student" message which is not a problem, just proceed to step 3.3 below.  If it does find the End-user you would like to purchase for then just click "Yes, continue" and skip to step 3.5 below :

Note that it is extremely important that this email address is accurate and that it is the actual email address that the End-user will be using to access the BoB platform.

3.3. The search will, most likely, come back saying "I could not find that student".  This is expected.  In the "Type to search" field, please start typing "MIH Unlimited School" and once selected, please click the "Found It" button :

 3.4. On the resulting page please enter the First name and Last name of this particular End-user and then click the "Add Student" button :

3.5. If you have more End-users to add, please click on the "Add a student to account" button and return to Step 3.2 above.

3.6. Once you have all of your End-User details entered, please click on the "Buy Books" button :

4. Add Resources to every End-user

4.1. Underneath each and every End-user, tick the box next to "Mintjens Press" and then click on the "Continue" button :

4.2. For each End-user you can now order from any of the “Mintjens Press” resources available and for each resource you can choose either a 12-month or a 24-month lease for this End-user.

Click on the drop-down list where it says "Choose if needed" to select a lease length for this End-user for this resource.  Note that you can scroll down on this page to find all of the resources available.

4.3. When you are finished adding resources for this particular End-user, scroll to the very bottom of the page and click on the "Continue" button :

4.4. If there are more End-users to add resources for, then it will return you to step 4.2 (above) so that you can add resources for the next End-user.  

5. Complete Checkout

5.1. When all End-users have been allocated their resources, the site will take you to the Checkout screen. Enter the billing details which exactly match the billing details for the credit card you will be using and then click the "Continue" button :

5.2. Check that all resources for all End-users have been allocated correctly and then enter Credit Card details in the space provided.  Note that there are actually 6 fields required in this section (Name on Card, Email address, Card number, Expiry Month, Expiry Year and CVC code).  Then click on the "Submit Payment for $..." button :

5.3 Upon successful submission of the payment details, you should receive the following message:

At this point, these resources have already been delivered into each of the End-users’ Book Boxes in their Box of Books account so the only thing left to do is to let them know how to access them.

 6. Send email to End-users inviting them to the BoB Platform

Please copy and paste the following message into an email and send it to all of the End-users that you have just set up with the subject line "Welcome to Box of Books" :


Hi, your Mintjens Press titles have been set up for you and now all you need to do is create a free account on Box of Books (BoB) and you can read them immediately in our "MIH Unlimited School".

Please go to this link, enter your email address which was used during the resource setup process and click "Create an account" :

After you have chosen your password, you can then re-access your account at any time by entering your email address and the password at this link :

Your purchased titles can be read online or downloaded for offline reading through one of our readers. I encourage you to have a look at both versions because they have different features and you may prefer to use one over the other.


After logging into your account, select the book you wish to read and click "Read Online".  This will load the book in the online reader.


iOS (Apple Device - iPad, iPhones)

Windows OS

Mac OS

Support can be accessed by clicking the smiley face displayed in the bottom-right corner of every screen if you have any issues with this.

Thanks and all the best,

From the Box of Books team and from Mintjens Press

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