This is a blow by blow guide to booklisting. For a helicopter view of the whole booklisting process, check out our Booklist Workflow overview. 

The Booklisting feature empowers you to review and make any required changes to existing booklists for your school.  Booklists can include digital and physical books, digital subscriptions and stationery resources.

Where is Booklisting?

If Booklists has been activated for your account, you can access the service from your school Box of Books portal in the left hand navigation menu.

Alternatively, staff or faculty members can be invited to participate in a specific booklist.  In this instance you will be sent a link to review the booklist in question.


There are only two levels of permission in booklisting tool: booklister and reviewer.

Booklisters have oversight of all booklists and can also be a review or an owner of a booklist (If you see "Booklist" bar in your Box of Books account then you are this category.  Reviewers can be any staff or faculty member invited to participate in the process.

Reviewers can:

  • Add books
  • Add notes
  • Enter enrolment numbers
  • Flag books for removal

Booklisters can:

  • do everything a Reviewer can do 
  • see all booklists
  • create new booklists
  • create sections for different Subjects 
  • delete books 
  • invite staff and faculty members to review booklists (i.e a HOD inviting a teacher)
  • approve booklists
  • be awesome

With this in mind, let's get started with booklisting. 

Editing the Booklist

Each Booklist is locked so that only one person can update at a time; this prevents those nasty situations where your ex-best friend saves over the top of your changes by mistake. 

When you click Edit Booklist we unlock the booklist just for your account and let you make changes.

When you finish editing, save and release the booklist for others to provide their changes.

Populating the booklist

Creating New Sections (Booklisters only) 

To add a subject that is not already in the pre-populated booklist, click on ‘Create Subject’ and enter the subject name. Confirm by clicking on the green tick icon. 

Adding Books

To add a book that is not already in the pre-populated booklist, navigate to the Subject and simply select ‘Add Book’.  This will create a field where you can select books to add to the booklist. 

In the pop up window, you can search for the book or resource you are looking for by keywords, title or isbn. You can also filter as needed by publisher and distribution type using the sidebar options. 

If you would like to add another book of the same title (i.e. the Digital only version), simply select 'Add Book to this Book Format Choices' and perform the search as usual.

Can't find the title you are after? 

Simply reach out us through the in-app support function and we will be happy to help out.  

Removing Books 

See a title that your school is no longer using this year?

Entering enrolment numbers 

You can enter or edit enrolment numbers by simply clicking on ‘Enter enrolments’, entering the number and confirming by selecting the green tick icon. 

Selecting elective subjects (Booklisters only) 

Any title that has not been checked as ‘Elective’ will be automatically added to a student’s cart on our eCommerce site when they purchase if your school uses a parent purchase model. 

If the title or subject is not mandatory for ALL students, it should be checked as 'Elective'. 

Adding Notes

You can add any relevant notes for parents (e.g. Retain from previous year, new students only) by clicking on ‘Add Note’. 

These notes will appear on the price list and eCommerce site. 

Change status (Booklisters only)

Once you have finished reviewing the booklist, you can send it back to the BoB team for review. 

To do this, select ‘Change status’ and in the dropdown, ‘Send for Review’.  

The BoB team will then make sure everything is good to go before sending it back to the booklist owner for final approval. 

Once the booklist is approved, it will go live to parents and students on our eCommerce site if your school is using a parent purchase model. 

Previewing the booklist (for parent purchase schools)

To see how the booklist will look from a parent’s perspective, select ‘Preview’ and in the dropdown menu, ‘Preview Parent Purchase’. 

If you have selected both print & digital and digital options in the booklist, students will have the option to purchase either unless otherwise indicated. 

Sharing the booklist

If you would like to make someone a Reviewer of the booklist, you can share the booklist by sending them the link. 

Have any further questions? 

Simply reach out to our friendly customer support officers through the in-app support function or at [email protected]

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