Select staff nominated by the school (such as Curriculum Coordinators) will have access to a new menu item in their Box of Books account called "Booklisting".

Under the Booklisting menu, you will find your 2021 Year 12 booklist, pre-populated by Box of Books with all the titles from your previous year's booklist to make your job a little bit easier! Click on the title to view the full details of the Booklist.

If you're the lucky staff member nominated by your school, you will be the 'owner' of the booklist and in this role you will be able to:

  • Check all the items listed in the Year 12 booklist
  • Share the booklist link with specific teachers (such as Heads of Department) and ask them to review the items (they will appear as Reviewers)
  • Provide final approval of the booklist

To request changes to the booklist, please contact Box of Books via in-app support, or by emailing [email protected].

How to share the booklist link

Clicking on the 'Share' button will bring up a popup window containing a link to the booklist. Clicking on the "Copy Link" button will copy the link to your clipboard. You can then paste the link into your email, onto your internal message board, or any other internal school communications channel you regularly use.

Staff who have teacher permissions in Box of Books will be able to view the booklist.

How can Reviewers indicate they have reviewed the booklist?

Reviewers can indicate they have reviewed the booklist by clicking on the 'Reviewed' button on the top right. A green tick will appear against their avatar/icon.

They can remove their reviewed status by clicking on the button again.

For English Teachers please check out this Article to take care with getting the correct edition.

How to approve the booklist

As an owner, you, and you alone! (well, along with any other people who are nominated by the school) have a status labelled 'Approve' in the 'Change Status' dropdown menu item.

If you click on 'Approve' a popup will appear confirming your action (we want to make sure you really intend to approve the booklist, and didn't just accidentally click on it).

Proceeding with approval signals you are signing off on the booklist. From this point onwards the booklist is locked, and items will be invoiced to the school and/or appear in the shop for parents to purchase (depending on your school's chosen licensing model).

If you somehow accidentally make this change, contact Box of Books immediately.

How to request changes to the booklist

For year 12 booklists, changes to the booklist such as the addition or removal of new items will need to be made by Box of Books. You can request changes via in-app support using the round button located at the bottom right of your screen; or by emailing [email protected].

Providing Feedback

The Booklisting feature is still under development and being rolled out incrementally. We are still updating our catalogue of items and are working towards giving you the ability to edit the booklist and search our catalogue in time for Years 7-11 booklisting in Term 4.

If you have any feedback on your experience using the Booklisting feature or ideas to make it better, please let us know! We want to take all your headaches out of booklisting.

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