Chemistry in Focus Year 11
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Chemistry in Focus Year 11  ISBN 9780170408929

At this time Nelson Cengage (the publisher) does not provide a digital copy of this text book to distribute on any other platform besides their own NelsonNet portal.

This title can only be accessed digitally through NelsonNet.

When you purchase Chemistry in Focus Year 11 we will assist in provisioning access to the NelsonNet portal to access the digital version and its extra resources. You will find a book tile in your Book Box that takes you to the online book.

However unless organised by your School, you will need to use a CODE from the back of the Hard Copy book to set up this resource in your NelsonNet Account.

For teacher access with Nelson Net, the publisher asks for you to set up your own account. ​We have provided the book in Box of Books but for additional Nelson Net material you will need to follow these steps:

Go to, create an account, or open your existing account. Change the password if needed.

Log in and click ‘Request a Title’ on the top ribbon.

Find the book that you need teacher access for and enter the number of student books you have ordered and the bookseller (Box of Books) that your school uses.

We can then get it approved.

PS. Reach out to us on in-app support if you have any questions.

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