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Uploading School Books
Uploading School Books

Importing your own resources into Box of Books for student to access.

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You may wish to upload your own files (such as school planner, newsletter) into Box of Books for students to access. You can import School Books into Box of Books through the “School Books” page located in the menu on your school portal.

After logging into your school portal, on the left hand side click on “School Books” under Your School.

Read and consent to the terms of uploading a school book and an "Upload Book" button will appear.

Click the "Upload Book" button and you'll be directed to a new page where you can fill in the required details such as Title, Description, Cover Image etc.

Tick the acknowledgement statement and press “Upload Book" and you should receive a message stating the text being successfully uploaded.

Your book can now be found under “My Books” in the “School Books” category of the site where you can click to make changes if necessary to the uploaded book such as deleting the book, allocation to cohorts, title etc.

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