Assertion Inspector

See the mapping between SSO profile claims to cohorts

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The Assertion Inspector gives School IT Support the ability to see how we are processing the assertions or claims for a specific user, coming through from your school single sign-on (SSO).

Box of Books supports assertion/claim processing from a variety of login types including SAML (including ADFS and other SAML compliant directories), Google Apps for Education and Microsoft 365. 

You will need to have the Support role allocated to your own account in order to see the Assertion Inspector in your menu.

Assertions Inspector


Box of Books cohort mappings (for example, Year Groups, Electives, etc) that have been assigned to the user.  Cohorts are assigned via a discrete string match on something in the Digested Data.

These cohorts will be used by our rules engine for automated book allocation if the school is leveraging School License feature.

Digested Data

Digested Data is the post-processed SAML (or other) profile data that Box of Books sees for matching users to cohorts. We prepare a function for each school that gets rid of a lot of the guff (digests) that comes through from SAML to make group assignments easier.

Raw Data

RAW metadata we see in the assertions/claims – this only ever gets updated on a sign-in event from within the browser (ie not within an offline reader).

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