Once you’ve completed the one off initial stage of installing the Box of Books App in Canvas, you’re on your way to embedding books/pages! This tutorial will guide you through the steps in embedding pages of books into your lessons.

If you have not installed Box of Books in Canvas head over to our Install Canvas Integration technote.

Locate the book or page in the Box of Books Online Reader which you wish to embed into Canvas.

Obtain the unique page URL by clicking on the floating link button located on the right of the page. Click ‘Copy’ in the pop-up dialog.

Within Canvas…

Go to a course in Canvas that you want to embed the book into.

Click the ‘Add’ button next to the module in which the book should be added (if there are no existing modules, a module has to be created first by clicking the blue “Add Module” button on the page).

In the dropdown menu on the popup dialog, select ‘External Tool’ and select ‘Box of Books’ from the external tool list.

Paste the URL that was copied earlier into the ‘URL’ field, then check/choose/fill in the other fields accordingly, and then click “Add Item” button.

Ensure the added item is active (it should be green with a tick) otherwise it isn’t published.

You’re all set!  The book has been successfully embedded into Canvas under the module. 

And students will see something like...

Et Voila!

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