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Canvas LMS: Seamless Integration
Canvas LMS: Seamless Integration

How to add Box of Books as a seamless integration option into Canvas LMS

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Box of Books can be seamlessly integrated into Canvas LMS to provide easy access to digital content allocated to students. Access to digital material (i.e. textbooks) occurs without the need to load a new tab/page and teachers have the ability to link to a particular page. This tutorial will guide you through the steps of setting up Box of Books in Canvas LMS.

The set up of integrating Box of Books into Canvas requires two major stages:

  1. Locating the Developer API within your school Box of Books Portal

  2. Installation of Box of Books within Canvas LMS.

Locating the Developer API with your school Box of Books Portal

Note: Your Box of Books account must have the Support Tools privileges or support features to access developer API keys.

  1. Locate and login to your school portal.

  2. On the left hand side, locate: Support Tools > LMS Connection (you may need to expand your window to see this).

  3. Take note of the Consumer Key and Shared Secret, you’ll need it later.

Open a new tab in your browser for your Canvas LMS installation.

Installation of Box of Books within Canvas LMS

Canvas can be configured either at the account level (for all courses) or at the course level. The installation process will be identical except for the initial stages.

Determine if you wish to install on the account level or course level.
- Account Level (in Canvas): Admin > Settings > Apps
- Course Level (in Canvas): Courses > (select course) > Settings > Apps

And here are the instructions no matter which level you choose:

  1. Within the Apps tab, search for Box of Books:

2. Click on Box of Books tile and then click Add App button to install.

3. Fill in the Consumer Key and Shared Secret fields with values obtained from earlier, then click the Add App button.

4. You will receive a pop-up stating that the “The app was added successfully”.

The Box of Books App should now appear in the Installed tab of External Apps.

5. A Box of Books navigation item should appear under the course(s); a refresh may be required.

You’re all set! 

Happy days.

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