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Confirm students have unimpeded access over the school network

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We need to test BoB services over the school network to confirm students have unimpeded access. If your school network requires domains or IP addresses to be added to a whitelist, you may need to start there first.

Before you start ensure

  • You are connected to your school’s network

  • You know your School Portal URL (in the format:

  • You have a test student email address (if you are not using school Single Sign On to access, please make sure your Box of Books Account Manager adds your test email address to the platform or you will not be able to sign in)

Sign up or Sign in to your School Portal with your test student email account.

The School Portal URL will be provided to you by Box of Books.

  • If your school SSO is already configured, simply sign in, else;

  • If your school is not using SSO, go to the Sign up page for the portal. You will need to create a password.

Note: this will only work if you have previously given us your test email address.

Find your Bobby PIN

Your Bobby PIN is used to register the Offline Reader to your desktop or device. You can find it at your School Portal, under the Personal Profile menu item.  We also send a copy of it in your welcome email for safe keeping.

Download the Offline Reader

Reader options are available for users within the menu of your School ebook portal:
Your Profile > Download Reader

Or you can go direct to the download options here:

Install the Offline Reader and open the reader

For testing purposes it doesn't matter which Reader you choose so long as you are within the School network.

to the Offline Reader using your BoB login details

The Offline Reader’s sign-in details are the student’s school email address, along with their Bobby PIN (shown on the dashboard and profile page of the School Portal).

Download Books Test 

Access your Cloud Shelf, located at the top right of the navigation bar; ie. the cloud icon

Select a DRM (digitally rights managed) book and click “Read Offline”; download should begin immediately.

If the book opens successfully and can be read, the test has been successful.

Please let us know via your School Portal's in-app support window that your test was successful.

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