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Proxy Whitelist URLs
Proxy Whitelist URLs

Configuring network access for Box of Books Readers

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Whitelisting for Box of Books

Box of Books hosts all of its books in Sydney on Amazon Web Services. The Adobe digital rights management (DRM) associated with many publishers books requires a variety of whitelisted URLs to correctly identify the user and a provide them with an individually encrypted book.

Web Interfaces

The following URL stems should be whitelisted for access to Box of Books web interfaces:

  • for both HTTPS/SSL and HTTP

  • for both HTTPS/SSL and HTTP

For example, the following URLs should all be whitelisted:

Book Catalogue Storage

All books are served from a secure Amazon S3 location. The following URL stems need to be whitelisted:

DRM Primary and Failover IPs

Note, it is important to whitelist the IPs and not the URLs.


  • (Default) – Which resolves to VIP (C-Name), Alias


  • (Default) – Which resolves to VIP (C-Name) and Alias

  • (Default) – Which resolves to VIP

Email Communications

To ensure users receive our email communications (sign up email etc).




  • ( - 127)

  • ( - 255)

  • ( - 255)

In-app Support

Whitelist both HTTP:// and HTTPS:// including the domains and sub-domains:

  • *

  • *


Pilot or support accounts should always be configured with access to both open and digitally rights managed books. It is critical to test both book formats as they have distinct requirements with respect to whitelisting.

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