Log into your school ebook portal

Log into your school ebook portal; if you can't remember the address you can find your school here:

You may already be logged into your portal if you are reading this.

Download the DMG installer

Locate the Download Reader section and click through to the Apple/MacOS reader download page. Don't forget to make a note of your Bobby Pin; you will need it later to authorise your offline reader.

Download the DMG installer for the offline reader. A file called Box of Books-XXXX.dmg will end up in your Downloads folder by default.

Install the Box of Books eReader

Double click to open the DMG file.  Then drag and drop the application onto the Applications folder to install.

Authorise the App

When you open the app for the first time, you will be asked to authorise the reader so you can see your books.  You will need your School Email address and Bobby Pin (4 digit code).

Note, your Bobby Pin was emailed to you and is always available on the school ebook portal next to your name.

Allow your MacOS keychain to look after the credentials.

Download Books Offline

When you first open the eReader app you will not have any local books. Click on the Cloudshelf icon to get to your personal Book Box:

You should see the same books in your Book Box here that you see on your school ebook portal:

Select any book and choose Read Offline, it should start download immediately!


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